Advancing the Safe and Efficient Management of Assets Through Technology

OMNI is improving the way businesses manage their assets, allowing organisations to harness and process their data more effectively and leading the way for innovative integrity management solutions, using our cloud-based solution. OMNI  allows asset owners to reduce operational cost required to expedite integrity lifecycle, whilst increasing overall efficiency and improving visibility.

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Digitise the entire integrity lifecycle

OMNI’s disruptive cloud-based Integrity Management Suite allows businesses to digitise the entire integrity lifecycle.

From risk-based inspection (RBI) through to repair and inherently boasts features such as automation, tracking, collaboration and communication we help you build cohesion across various assets and throughout entire organisations.

OMNI is currently built up of five key modules but a development roadmap outlines future developments and modules.


OMNI’s Risk Based Inspection (RBI) module allows businesses to optimise their inspection strategies and focus on high-risk areas, improving safety, by supporting qualitative, semi-qualitative or quantitative methodology in line with API 580 guidelines.

OMNI Workpack

OMNI’s Workpack Builder allows businesses to create inspection workpacks more efficiently by automating inspection plans from the output of RBI assessments.

OMNI Inspection

OMNI’s Inspection Assessment module allows businesses to manage, generate, view and schedule inspection assessments quickly, efficiently and accurately. The cloud-based solution can be accessed anywhere and allows businesses to upload digital reports from site via mobile tablet technology.

OMNI Defect

OMNI’s Anomaly Repair module allows organisations to identify, report, analyse, monitor and report anomalies and automatically integrates with other modules to ensure accurate data across inspection and assessment reports.

OMNI Repair

OMNI’s Repair & Temporary Repair module provides businesses with a digital solution for processing, tracking and managing repairs, through predictive analysis or manual entry.

Visualisation Platform

OMNI’s Asset Integrity Suite is supported by intuitive and time-saving business intelligence support functions, which work together to provide an enhanced visualisation platform.

Communications Hub

Providing businesses with traceability and ease of communications across teams through its built-in collaboration request feature. The communications hub is directly linked to modules to provide automated workflow notifications, enhancing collaboration and ensuring ease of data transfer.


OMNI’s intuitive tracking system allows organisations to monitor the entire lifecycle workflow and includes automated warning notifications and alerts, proving real-time status updates and transparency across all levels in the organisation.

KPI & Reporting

The user-friendly dashboard allows businesses to visually monitor and see all live KPIs and collates data from all modules and tracker. KPIs and reports can be customised based on an organisation’s individual requirements.

Using IoT to Set OMNI Apart

OMNI’S Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be integrated with different technology stacks, providing asset owners with a common platform for recording all inspection data in a consistent format, and seamlessly integrating the latest advancements in technology to the integrity process.

sensor connection data capture screenshot

Integrated Data Capture:

  • Sensor connection (IoT): corrosion sensors, drones, ROV, robotics, operational process system
  • Mobile tablet uploads: NDT, visual and corrosion monitoring reports


data parameters screenshot

Automated Defect Notification

  • Benchmarking inspection reports against corrosion parameters and thresholds
  • Monitoring sensor data against integrity operating windows (IoW)
  • Real-time notifications of defects
Data reintegration screenshot

Data Re-integration

  • Enables workpacks, inspections and anomalies to be raised and assessed; as required, to take remedial action
  • Enables repair work orders to be raised and planned, with live API connection to CMMS

Implementation Services

OMNI’s implementation services are aimed at reducing the disruption to ongoing business operations as much as possible through the use of technology and engineering manpower

The onboarding process consists of migrating the data into OMNI using our developed data mining software algorithms to automate most of the process and drastically reduce the time taken. Once the software is in the system, the new asset will then go through an intuitive configuration process to customise the software to meet each company’s own specific needs. This is all carried out by OMNI engineers and liaising with client organisation at key milestones in the process to ensure that everything is fit for purpose.

Digital Workforce Tools

To empower the workforce and enable them to manage and communicate their tasks more efficiently, OMNI has designed the platform to be compatible with the latest digital tools available. OMNI is fully enabled with mobile tablet technology, QR tags, live corrosion sensor and process data streams. The aim is to remove the barriers between the flow of data being communicated throughout the organisation, to cut down on integrity lifecycle durations and ultimately ensure that employees are focusing their valuable time of business-critical tasks as much as possible.


Security of data is of the utmost importance and OMNI has various fail safes to ensure that an organisations data is secure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our architecture ensures that there is no single server or single point of failure.


Independent Application Vulnerability & Penetration Testing is carried out.

End to End Transmission Encryption (SSL)

Prevents any potential attacks in transit.

Data Encryption

MS Azure provides Encryption at Rest facilities prevent data being accessed unless through predefined channels.

What is OMNI?

OMNI’s disruptive cloud-based platform allows businesses to digitise the entire integrity lifecycle.

From risk-based inspection (RBI) through to repair and inherently boasts features such as automation, tracking, collaboration and communication we help you build cohesion across various assets and throughout entire organisations.

OMNI is currently built up of a suite of asset integrity modules and a centralised visualisation platform which provides real time status updates and allows teams to communicate online.

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