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Developed by asset integrity management experts

Established in 2020, OMNI Integrity Limited is a subsidiary company of ICR Group. OMNI provides advanced integrity management software solutions designed and developed by asset integrity experts.

The cloud-based solutions allow businesses to digitise the entire integrity lifecycle, bringing it into the 21st century through automation, tracking, collaboration and communication to build cohesion throughout organisations; driving efficiency and optimising performance.

Organisations today face increasing challenges in the changing geopolitical and industry dynamics, which can impact the overall success of the business. Constraints such as resource and experience shortages make it ever more difficult for organisations to achieve the efficiency levels required to maintain profitability, whilst maintaining safety and environmental levels; which is why OMNI has developed Asset Integrity Management software designed at helping businesses utilise their data effective to manage and plan integrity programmes.

Trusted provider of asset integrity management

Transforming Data

Easily Customisable

Efficiently Integrated

Implementing OMNI will allow businesses to


Overall integrity cycle time by up to 40%


Spreadsheet tracking and management


Duplication in assessments


Enterprise collaboration and operational efficiency


Visibility and control
William McLean
Hongya Liang

The team

Taking a collaborative approach, OMNI has created a solution that incorporates the latest advancements in technology to enable user friendly software solutions for the industry.

Headed by company Director William McLean, an experienced mechanical engineer with nearly two decades experience, OMNI has been designed and built with a team of integrity, maintenance and fabric maintenance engineers, technical authorities, software developers, and data scientists.

“None of us is as smart as all of us”
Ken Blanchard

With user experience and simplicity at the forefront of OMNI’s software products, specialist Silicon Valley software developers were selected to help incorporate the wide-ranging functionality of the software in an intuitive and simplistic way.


Designed by experts.

OMNI’s team has years of asset integrity and software development experience, providing businesses with the confidence they need. Browse our opinion pieces, news and case studies.

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