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Advancing the safe and efficient manner of assets through digital technology.
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Providing advanced integrity management software solutions

OMNI Integrity a subsidiary of ICR Group, is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to digitise the entire integrity lifecycle, bringing it into the 21st century.

Designed by asset integrity specialists; digitising the integrity lifecycle, operational performance is optimised through process automation, operational tracking, collaboration and communication to build cohesion and visibility throughout entire organisations.

About us

Next Generation Asset Integrity Management

OMNI has been developed by asset integrity engineers and software experts, to ensure clients are equipped with the latest tools and technology to enable them to manage, predict and plan ongoing asset integrity and maintenance.

Implementing OMNI will allow businesses to


Overall integrity cycle time by up to 40%


Spreadsheet tracking and management


Duplication in assessments


Enterprise collaboration and operational efficiency


Visibility and control

Transforming data

As businesses find themselves with more and more data, they often don’t know how to process and review it effectively to unlock the valuable insights it contains.

OMNI takes both current and historic data and allows businesses to quickly and easily harness and process that data, using advanced analytics to uncover these insights to support effective decision making. OMNI is leading the way forward, leveraging data using data mining and machine learning and driving innovative asset integrity management solutions.

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What is OMNI?

OMNI’s disruptive cloud-based platform allows businesses to digitise the entire integrity lifecycle.

From risk-based inspection (RBI) through to repair and inherently boasts features such as automation, tracking, collaboration and communication we help you build cohesion across various assets and throughout entire organisations.

OMNI is currently built up of a suite of asset integrity modules and a centralised visualisation platform which provides real time status updates and allows teams to communicate online.